Friday, 3 February 2017

Legal Update:

I have submitted a Petition for Commutation of Sentence with President Trump asking him to pardon me or at least reduce my sentence to "time served" and have me immediately released. I also sent President Trump a personal letter as did my friend, former US Congressman Ed Foreman.

Enclosed are a few important letters and documents:

-a copy of the letter I sent to the President  (Click to see the letter)

-a copy of the letter Ed Foreman sent to the President advocating on my behalf.   (Click to see the letter)

After you read them, you will completely understand the situation.

YOU can help convince the President to commute my sentence and have me released! 

This will not cost you any money.

All I ask is for a little of your time. 

Here is what I am asking you to do:

CONTACT PRESIDENT TRUMP and simply tell him he should commute my sentence and tell him why. 

Here's how:
-send him an email at and go to the contact page

-send him a tweet at and 

-send an Instagram at

-post something on his facebook page at

-MOST IMPORTANTLY send a short letter in the mail or via some overnight service like Fed EX to the President. Nothing is more impressive than thousands of real physical letters being delivered in the mail. 

Send to:
President Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington DC 20500

In your letter advocate for my release. 

Express your outrage over the 10 year sentence. 

Tell President Trump good things about me and my books. 

Share how your life have been made better by my books, courses, radio show etc. 

Encourage the President to pardon me or commute my sentence and have me released.

You can send the letters I have attached to people and use them as you see fit as they explain the situation fully.

YOU have all the power now. YOU can free me from prison.

Mobilize. Take massive and immediate action now. 

Call people and work together. 

I know that this will create positive results in so many ways. 

Have fun with this, knowing that the outcome will be for the highest good of everyone and that no matter what happens it will all be perfect. 

I will see you in person very soon!

Thank you all!