Ed Foremen's Letter to Mr. President, Donald J. Trump

Dear President Elect Trump,

My name is Ed Foreman. I am a former US Congressman (Republican) for both the states of Texas and New Mexico, Founder of Executive Development Systems, Dallas TX. and Business Entrepreneur. I am a lively 83 years old and over the last 60 years I have had a close working relationship with 5 US Presidents.

First, congratulations on your historic victory. With your win, our country now is in very good hands. You are brilliant and destined to be a magnificent President.

I am reaching out to you on behalf of my close friend of over 30 years, the NY Times #1 bestselling author, consumer advocate, and natural health freedom advocate, Kevin Trudeau. His 6 bestselling books have sold almost 50 million copies worldwide.

In one of the most egregious cases in US history of judicial and government misconduct, Kevin is currently in Federal prison serving a 10 year sentence for "contempt of court". This is the longest "contempt of court" prison sentence ever imposed.

This is an outrage, a gross injustice, and simply unfair. This 10 year federal prison sentence for "contempt of court" is reprehensible and is quite frankly "cruel and unusual punishment". It borders on human rights violations.

Contempt of court is not a felony and not even a misdemeanor. It is inherently not a "crime". Kevin was not arrested, not indicted, and not charged with a "crime" by any law enforcement agency. He simply "pissed off" one unethical and biased Federal Judge who then "held him in contempt" for going on TV and giving opinions about one of his books that the Judge disagreed with.

Kevin had no criminal intent and said over and over on the TV show in question that he was exercising his First Amendment right of Free Speech. This "angered" the Judge.

I was in the court room when Kevin was sentenced and witnessed this government and judicial overreach and abuse of power first hand. What I saw was astonishing, and beyond logic.

Kevin's only "crime" was to go on TV and talk passionately about what he believes. His "crime" was expressing his opinions, sharing his own personal experiences, and exercising his First Amendment Right of Free Speech.

Kevin's Weight Loss Cure book describes the famous Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss protocol, now because of Kevin's book, is being used at thousands of clinics and endorsed by medical doctors throughout America.

On the TV infomercial in question, Kevin said that the weight loss protocol that he described in his book was "easy". Kevin shared his own personal experience about how he himself did the protocol, lost weight and found it "easy". Kevin told stories about how people he talked to, who actually did the protocol and lost weight, also found it "easy".

The Judge said the protocol described in the book was NOT easy, even though that is exactly what was said IN the book! Kevin was held "in contempt of court" for "willfully" violating his order to not "misrepresent the contents of a book on TV".

Kevin did not misrepresent the contents of the book. He described it exactly by quoting the book itself.

At sentencing, the Judge actually said that all of Kevin's books and opinions were "worthless" (even though his 6 books are loved by millions of people and are all NY Times bestsellers). This is blatant bias.

Does the government and Federal Judges now have the power of deciding whose opinions are worthless and which opinions are valuable?

The Judge would not allow Kevin to present thousands of letters he had from people who bought his book and loved the book. The Judge would not allow Kevin to bring in even ONE person that wanted to testify that they watched Kevin on TV, bought the book, and loved the book. Even though many people who were willing to fly to Chicago to testify on Kevin's behalf.
I was there personally and rose to speak on Kevin’s behalf and was forcibly removed by Deputies at the Judge’s direction. Kevin was forbidden by the Judge to use the First Amendment and Free Speech as a defense. The Judge even went so far as to forbid Kevin and his lawyers from even uttering the words "First Amendment or Free Speech" in his courtroom.

Millions of people bought this book and loved it. It came with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. If anyone did not love the book, they received a full refund of their purchase price (less than 8% asked for a refund and everyone who asked for a refund, received a refund. This is one of the lowest return rates in the industry).

No customers ever complained or said they felt the infomercial was misleading. Instead, the book became a NY Times bestseller with people recommending the book to others and buying additional copies to give as gifts.

The government did not even produce ONE person that said they watched the TV infomercial, bought the book, and felt mislead.

The real "crime" behind this smokescreen is that Kevin exposes in his books and on his radio show, in bold and passionate ways, many things the government and special interests did not want the public to know.

Simply put, the government has been trying to discredit and silence Kevin for decades because he is one of the most outspoken critics of the Washington DC special interests and lobbyists: mostly the drug companies; the banks; the dishonest media; and out of control, abusive, and suppressive government agencies like the FTC, FDA, and IRS.

Kevin is known as one of the greatest marketing experts and mass communicators of all time. He has built businesses in America, the UK (including the Golf Channel UK), and Australia (with business partner the late Rene Rivkin), generating millions in worldwide sales and employing thousands of people over the last 30 years.

More importantly however, is that Kevin has, since 1979, been empowering, motivating and educating millions of people to have better lives. He is following the spirit of Napoleon Hill and another of my close friends, the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

Kevin has for decades pointed to YOU as an example of success that all can learn from.

He has read and publically and enthusiastically promoted your books and the educational programs that you offered. He defended you publically about the unfair treatment and press you were getting.

As one of the world's most prominent proponents of natural health alternatives, he has exposed the FDA and drug companies for suppressing information about inexpensive non drug and non- surgical ways to cure and prevent disease.

There are millions of happy people whose lives are better because of Kevin Trudeau. They bought his books over the years and are still buying his books today. Americans are outraged that in our great country, a hero like Kevin can be incarcerated for 10 years simply for writing a book and talking about it on TV. In over 30 years, anyone who bought the books or any of his products and was not satisfied, received a refund when asked for it. Kevin has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Knowing Kevin since 1979, I can vouch for his honesty, passion, and integrity. He has always been extremely generous, kind, and giving to those in need. He has heart, compassion and love for his fellow man. He is a man good of character and simply a person who loves people and is loved in return.

Yes, he has made mistakes in his life. But he has learned from those mistakes and is a better person because of those choices, and the tough lessons.

You know first-hand how the media is dishonest, distorts the truth, misleads, and misrepresents the facts. You also know how in lawsuits there can be outrageous, totally false allegations that are unsubstantiated, undocumented, unverified and simply untrue

No matter what the media says about Kevin or what outrageous lies and allegations the government has made about him, I can personally attest, as can thousands of his loyal fans and customers, that he is one of the most honest, genuine, and authentic people you will ever meet.

Kevin loves America, and has been a tireless champion for Free Speech and the US Constitution. He has been one of your biggest supporters and fans. When you announced your candidacy for President he immediately said you would win and did many things behind the scenes to promote your victory.

I am asking you to pardon Kevin Trudeau, or at least commute his sentence to "time served" and have him released immediately. At the direction of a biased Judge he served 8 months in a horrendous metropolitan Chicago jail and now over 3 years at Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery, Alabama).

He did not commit any crime. He just wrote a book and exercised his First Amendment Right. He was not charged with fraud and there are no "victims" or customers of his books that "lost money". No customer complaints, no fines for any violation.
Kevin was not ordered to pay any restitution as there were no "victims" to pay any restitution to.

Remember, this is about a NY Times bestselling book that cost $19.

Incarcerating this man for "contempt of court" is nothing more than suppression of Free Speech. It is a chilling effect to anyone who wants to speak up against the special interests and lobbyists or express opinions that the main stream media and government disagree with.

This action against Kevin is government overreach in the worst way. This is government punishing an author who writes books and expresses opinions that the government, lobbyists and special interests do not like.

Kevin did NOT willfully misrepresent the contents of his book, had no criminal intent and was biasedly accused of contempt of court for which a 10-year prison sentence was administered. The punishment does not fit the "crime". He did not "rip anyone off". He promoted a book, and people got the book he promoted. Like you, on a smaller scale, Kevin has always been an entrepreneur employing thousands and embracing the free enterprise system. He deserves admiration not imprisonment.

During his more than 3 years of imprisonment both his mother and father passed away. And he was not even allowed to attend their funerals! He has been punished enough.

I am asking you, in fact I am pleading with you for your consideration, compassion and understanding to Pardon Kevin Trudeau or at least commute his sentence to time served and have him released immediately.

Having worked closely with 5 US Presidents, I can say with compete confidence, that you will be one of, if not THE, greatest Presidents of all time.

You have my complete support in every way, and I know you will always have Kevin's complete loyalty and support forever.

I, and the many Kevin Trudeau supporters and fans, are anxiously waiting and anticipating your positive response.

Sincerely Yours,

Ed Foreman
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Former US Representative (from both Texas and New Mexico) 

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  1. Great letter, Ed. Are are and will continue to be a shining example of a man who will do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.

  2. Mr. Ed Forman,

    Awsome Letter, I am putting it out to the Universe for Donald Trump to do the right thing, to release Kevin Trudeau, I have been sending positive vibrations to Kevin Trudeau eversince I heard that he has been incarcerated. Thank you for taking the time to helping Kevin.

  3. Powerful input and it does work, because I have used the product myself. It is easy to follow with just the understanding of how to do it and the knowledge of understanding it all. Ask and It Is Given. Faith is the substance for all things.

  4. Trump is a big-league scammer himself, so he should be pretty willing to "free" Trudeau.

    1. That is your opinion what you believe and everyone has their own opinions in what to believe, but until your words are in your physical body actions in doing is what counts. Have you meet Trump in person and seen him do a big-league scammer himself in person? You can't just assume you know that by what media says. It is all about seeing it in person and not just assuming he has done it because the media says he has done it. Seeing it with your own two eyes is evidence and doing something with your own two hands and feet is proof and actions that have take place within yourself is evidence proof, but just going by what people assume, accuse and judge others for should be counted as worthless. Who do you believe?

    2. Yeah Dawn. I know what you mean. My dad refused to accept the diagnosis of a brain hemorrhage made by a radiologist who only saw his CT scan, never him personally.

      Good for my dad! He died later that day, knowing the radiologist couldn't possibly be right.

  5. This is laughable!
    We get it, you gullible old prunes still think KT is innocent.
    Well, shock horror, he isn't!!!!
    Say he's innocent to the 1000's who LOST their life savings in GIN.
    Say he's innocent to the 1000's who LOST friends and family members because of their belief in KT.
    Say he's innocent to the people who lost a partner through ill health when KT's health advice didn't work! (Early gintruth.com has that story)

    You ignoramuses only believe what you want to believe and would see this three times imprisoned serial scammer released, so that he can do it again!

    Yeah, it's sad he lost both parents while incarcerated, but there's no sympathy here, as well, "You get what you think about most of the time!"

    Personally, I thought ten years was nowhere near enough for the missing millions he's stashed in Switzerland.

    Deal with it.

    Oh and Dawn Voss, the video evidence of KT trying to evade taxes through a casino, is well known.

  6. Ps) let's also remember the thousands who still never received a refund on the book purchases. Reports are still pouring in to the BBB about that. Links at the top of gintruth.com